Business Plans

BSL offers a Business Start-Up Package to entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business.  Within the package you will find the following information:

1.    The Business Start-Up Guide is your first step in business research.  It provides you with a business glossary, information on registering your business, different ways of structuring your business, initials contact sources, and business websites. 

2.    The Business Plan Guideline will help to guide you through your business goals and direction in order to grow your business.  It is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs summarize their business venture by developing a comprehensive business plan. A business plan explains in detail how your business is intended to run.  

3.    The Sample Business Plan is designed to illustrate how the Business Plan Guideline works by providing a mock business plan developed using the model provided in the Business Plan Guideline. 

4.    The Cash Flow Forecast is designed to assist you in estimating your sources of revenues and your cash disbursements. Based on your business plan, market assessment and business location analysis, will help determin the business and support your efforts. A sample cash flow analysis/forecast has been prepared for the sample business plan and is also included. 

5.    The Top 10 Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself is a list of questions used in determining who your target market is and whether your product or service meets the needs of that market. More questions can be added if you deem them appropriate.    

6.    The Business Location Analysis is a tool to assist the entrepreneur in selecting the appropriate business location.  It outlines key elements that should be considered when selecting the best location for your business. 

7.    The Business Plan Workshop is included with the package. It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to review and ask questions about writing business plans.  

Business Start-Up Packages and workshop admission are included in the administration fee.


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