Dedicated to helping small businesses grow and prosper.
To help promote small business, entrepreneurship and economic development in the Greater Fort Erie and surrounding area, in order to create and maintain employment.
Who we are:
The Business Success & Loan Centre Fort Erie (BSL) is a non-profit corporation established in 1985. It is committed to delivering high quality programs and services.
What we do:
  • Business loans throughout the Niagara region
  • Access to government funded Self-Employment programs
  • Business counseling
  • Start-up information
  • Business plan development
  • Seminars and workshops
Our commitment to you:
What you can expect from us:
·         A safe and welcoming environment
·         Friendly, courteous, professional service
·         Knowledgeable employees who will listen to what you need and are capable of responding to your inquiries with dignity and respect
·         Access to tools and resources to help you achieve success
·         Referrals to other service providers or community partners
·         Prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or any complaints
·         Clear, comprehensible information about  our programs and services
·         Respect of privacy - personal information is only used  for the purposes consent was given
·         Strict confidentially - all employees sign confidentiality agreements binding them to safeguard personal information
How you can help us better serve you:
·         Advise us of any questions, concerns, potential problems or situations that may impact your business
·         Provide timely, completed, accurate information required to assist with your inquiry or application
·         Ensure we have your most recent contact information

45 Jarvis Street Fort Erie ON L2A 2S3
Phone: 905-871-7331
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