Before starting your business some of your initial contacts should include:

Accountant / Lawyer

You should talk with an accountant and/or a lawyer to determine how best to structure your business. Any commercial leases or contracts should be reviewed by a lawyer. Before purchasing an existing business, the financial statements should be reviewed by an accountant. 

Local / Provincial / Federal Authorities

When starting a small business all levels of government play a role, from obtaining a municipal licence to registering for H.S.T. 

For information on H.S.T. contact:
     Canada Revenue Agency
     St. Catharines Tax Services Office
     32 Church Street, PO Box 3038
     St. Catharines, ON    L2R 3B9
     Tel: 1-800-959-5525

Business Registration Number (On-Line)
Business Registration Online is a one stop, online, self-serve application that allows you to register for a Business Number, as well as for four program accounts: Corporation income tax, HST, Payroll and Import/Export.

Business Name Registration

When you are operating a business under a name other than the owner’s name you must register the business name. To register a small business visit the Ontario Business Connect easy to use computer work stations at:

Small Business Enterprise 
City of Niagara Falls (City Hall - public resource centre)
4130 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, ON, Tel: 905-356-7521

Ontario Information Centre - MTO Building 
301 St. Paul Street, 1st Floor, St. Catharines, ON, Tel: 905-704-2111

On-line business registration or renewal 
1-800-361-3223 (information on registering a business name or incorporating) 

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

If you plan to hire an employee or subcontractor you should contact WSIB to be certain of your responsibilities.

For more information contact:
     Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
     301 St. Paul Street, 8th Floor
     St. Catharines, ON   L2R 7R4
     Tel: 1-800-263-2484 or 905-687-8622   

Business Insurance

Before starting a small business you should contact a qualified insurance broker to obtain the appropriate coverage.


45 Jarvis Street Fort Erie ON L2A 2S3
Phone: 905-871-7331
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